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Real Time Control and Acquisition  v.alpha

This Software has been created for Real Time Control and Acquisition of data from laboratory's equipment. It've been tested on a monochromator but it can be easily ported to other machines (porting the RTAI

Control and Managment for Schools  v.1.0

Control and Managment for Schools is a School Management System (SMS) to Control the Students Enrollment , Attendace and Grades mainly for Universities. The first phase provide basic reports.

Command, Control and Play  v.1.0

This war game is real time tactical strategy with modern weapons. It is intended to have the same level of detail than Steel Panther 2, but with real time instead of IGOUGO design style. The main originality is the emphasis on command and control.


This filter allows you to choose a single hue for your image. It leaves saturation and luminosity values untouched, though it does provide a saturation slider. When you click on the Hue control (color bar), the color picker will pop up and allow you

CrossTec Remote Control  v.11.00.6

CrossTec Remote Control is designed to provide you with vital tools to help you access, control and support PCs across your operation. With CrossTec Remote Control you can easily and securely reach any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sun Solaris, or CE

Child Control 2010  v.10.420.0.0

Child Control 2010 is one of the most optimal parental control and security solution. Set time limits for the PC and/or the Internet and block/filter unwanted Internet contents. Child Control 2010 limits the access to internal Windows components and

RichTextBox Control  v.

You may use this control and your regular Rich TextBox Control

Free .NET Barcode Forms Control DLL  v.6.03

The Freeware .NET Forms Control and DLL is really free - not a demo. Creates bar-codes in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Includes Visual Basic .NET example. Supports Code 39 and Extended Code 39.

ActiveResize Control Lite  v.3.0

VBGold ActiveResize Control makes your VB applications completely resolution-independent. It resizes all controls and grids on your form when the form is resized. ActiveResize can handle any control and grid (+ Sheridan). No need to write any code!

Subliminal mind control Toolbar  v.1.0

subliminal mind control Toolbar For Internet Explorer. Learn everything you've ever needed to know about subliminal mind control with this toolbar. Discover the truth behind subliminal mind control and how you can use it to your

TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control  v.1.1.2

TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control is for software developers who are looking for a simple way to implement a trial version of their software product. The TrialwareDialog ActiveX Control works similar to the Microsoft Common Dialog control and

Mini Piano And Drum  v.1.0.0

This is a simple mini piano and drum software with 128 instrument, can record midi music channel and can save the file into wave file, complete with keyboard control and joystic for drum (optional)

TrialwareDialogActiveX Control  v.1.0

TrialwareDialogActiveX Controlis for software developers who are looking for a simple way to implement a trial version of their software product. The TrialwareDialogActiveX Control works similar to the Microsoft Common Dialog control and simplifies

Delock IR to USB Remote Control Adapter  v.bbeta

Small linux application for the Delock IR to USB adapter 61574. It detects IR commands from a (universal) IR remote control and creates x windows events. Used to control xbmc when keyboard commands for up, down, etc. are created from IR

Android GPS Control  v.0.3

This is for GPS user data self-control and access control on Android. User can set its own access control on his/her own GPS data from

Gantt-Like Chart Control  v.0.1.1

Windows-Forms usercontrol, which visualizes data in a Gantt-Like way, by showing bars on a timeline. This kind of chart is best for visualization of f.e. order processing. The control and the displayed bars are

Media Server Control (MediaCtrl)  v.0.4.0

Prototype testbed implementation of the IETF Media Server Control (MEDIACTRL) SIP Control Framework, comprehensive of both control and processing functionality (as in IMS MRF, Media Resource

Motion Control Using NI-Motion in Ch  v.1.0

ChNIMotion allows user programs to use the FlexMotion C library and run on the fly without compilation. It's an ideal solution for teaching and learning motion control, rapid prototyping, interactive motion control, and Web-based remote motion

Process Control Daemon (PCD)  v.1.0

PCD - Process Control Daemon is a light-weight system level process manager, designed for Embedded Linux based products. The PCD is used for starting the system in a synchronized manner, control and monitor processes and recover from

IIDC Camera Control Library  v.1394.2.2.0

libdc1394 is a library that provides a high level programming interface for application developers who wish to control and capture streams from IEEE 1394 based cameras that conform to the 1394-based Digital Camera Specifications (also known as the ...

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